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Church of the Addolorata

Address: Via F.A. Rossi, 64023 Mosciano Sant'Angelo

The church of the Addolorata has unanimously been defined the most beautiful church in the country. Its construction dates back to 1828, the year after the decree of 10 September 1827, in which Francis I of Bourbon was granted permission to build it. After thirteen years the new church, designed by Federico Dottorelli, was inaugurated in May 23, 1841 by Mons. Berrettini delegated by the Bishop of Teramo. Initially, the church was just thirteen meters long, just over a chapel. In 1862 the confraternity commissioned the architect Joseph Lupi of Teramo to expand and beautify the internal part of the church. They demolished the old apse and expanded the church of six meters, creating enough space for the construction of the central dome of the tower and the sacristy. Internally were built columns with Corinthian capitals and the structure of the pipe organ at the front door. It was not possible however, due to the excessive cost, to rebuild the facade which included four pilasters and the entablature in neoclassical style.

During the expansion of the church of the Addolorata, were made decorations of fine stucco by the sculptor Domenico Ascoli Farnese and the paintings of the four Evangelists, in the lunettes of the dome, and the life of Jesus, on the walls, by the artist Bernardino of Conti Delfico . Between 1874 and 1876, commissioned by Mayor Pietro Sabatini, the painter from Teramo Gennaro Della Monica painted the two pictures placed on the side altars of the church and the heroines of the Old Testament: Deborah, Esther, Judith and Sara. In 1889, the Roman artists Filippo Fiorentini and Salvatore Giorgi decorated the frames, the pilasters, the pillars and the altars with gold. On 27 January 1888, the Supreme Pontiff LEO XIII, with permission of the Sacred Congregation, granted a plenary indulgence "toties quoties" to all the faithful Christians, who on the third or fourth Sunday of September would visit the churches belonging to the order of the Servants of Mary, to the Franciscan order and the brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows (1).

In 1894 Pasquale Commendatore Ventilii made prof. Prospero Piatti Academy Vatican intervene in the painting of  the Adoration triptych in the apse of the church. At the beginning of 900 for the presence of underground aquifers, a geological survey was carried out. Therefore, consolidation works were necessary, so that the church did not suffer serious damage. Eventually, reinforcements on the east wall were made in 1923, and iron plates, which are still visible today from the outside, were put around the entire perimeter of the church. After so many years, in 1977, the church of the Addolorata was completely restored. Under  technical direction, the church was dismantled and all the coverage was rebuilt. The Carrara marble floor, worn out by the passing of time, was returned to its original beauty. The painter from the town of Giulianova, Venanzio Tentarelli, restored the original stucco columns, capitals and frescoes on the walls which were ruined by rain water infiltration.

The church is usually open for worship. The most important events are the Good Friday procession and celebration of the Addolorata, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. In the refined setting of the church, many concerts of sacred and classical music have taken pace recently.

(1) - Notification in possession of the brotherhood of the church of the Addolorata.