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The town of Mosciano S. Angelo, an ancient medieval village, has its origins before the year one thousand. Still visible today is the tower (tower of the Parish) and the remains of the fortifications. Nestling between the two valleys Tordino and Salinello, the town is about 10 km from the Adriatic coast and 40 km from the mountains of the Gran Sasso.

Served by a good road network, the town can be reached via the A24 from Rome "Roma-Teramo" and the highway "Teramo-Mare". The junction of the A14 "Mosciano S. Angelo" allows you to reach this place from all parts of Italy. Moreover, Mosciano is connected to the provincial capital Teramo by means of two main arteries: the highway 80 and highway "Teramo-Mare" over the railway Teramo-Giulianova in east-west direction.

For the most part the territory consists of hilly area where it is grown and produced, among other things, a product of controlled and guaranteed origin : the red wine Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

The whole landscape offers a glimpse of the artistic treasures that have a considerable charm in being discovered.

The municipality of Mosciano S. Angelo has characterized the activities of tourism, with a production of services and of social, cultural, recreational, and recreational sports. The hotel services work in synergy with steady relationships.

Based on the relevant social and economic transformations that have occurred in recent years, the activities of the municipal administration has paid attention to the quality and articulation of needs in order to pursue the development of tourism in the best possible way.

Therefore, we have operated on the quality of the urban and natural environment, focusing on the enhancement of environmental, urban, architectural, cultural heritage and, again, on the suitability of the mobility and communication structures and finally and most important, on the availability of the human factor. In this context, it was emphasized the significant part that concerns the integrated infrastructure for transport by air, rail, road, and all the mobility opportunities that allow the integration of coastal resources and mountain culture.

A form of tourism that has developed in the territory of Mosciano S.Angelo is that of “agriturismo” or guesthouses, which lie on the hills just behind the beach resorts, and which have arisen from a change of the travellers’ needs. Significant is the presence of guests from abroad.

It is interesting to recall the gastronomic culture of this territory, which collects a wealth of strong values ​​that have preserved with its best traditions that can be found in the scents and flavours of a cuisine which is a gift from past generations.