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Production activities

In the Municipality of Mosciano S. Angelo are located different types of companies that, over the decades, have evolved in a production of industrial character.

To enhance the production district the City Council has established a dedicated urban variant of the production of sustainable development, considering the area as a meeting place between functionality, architectural value and service excellence.

The expansion of the industrial district promotes the development of the area that houses the largest production facilities of Tordino Valley and is one of the main districts of the Region Abruzzo. In the municipality there is a coexistence of both large and medium-sized external enterprises, mainly in the food industry, and of medium and small businesses run by local entrepreneurs in the traditional productive sectors.

The district has an "advantageous position" resulting from its favourable geographic situation and thanks to the unobtrusive accessibility and efficiency of highway connections that ensure links on a continental and extra-continental scale and that, in terms of perspective, provide the opportunity for positive choices to be made in the settlement of productive activities.

These entrepreneurial initiatives are meeting each others in a more functional mix within the production area which provides activities and services for tertiary industry, management, and tourism industry.

The Administration has equipped the territory with facilities and services of public interest, achieved in coordination with public and private resources, in order to promote growth and development.

A unified and coordinated view of the production activities of the secondary and tertiary sectors, equipment and services promote the localization of new industrial activities consistent with the characteristics of the sites and their protection requirements. For determining weight Extremely significant today are the qualitative factors that the Town of Mosciano offers for the location of new initiatives at national and international level.

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